VerbaLex - Professional translation and interpretation services


1. What kind of translations do you provide?
We provide common translations as well as certified translations. Certified translations are worked out by a translator appointed by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic. In some cases, we also offer proof reading, which is reviewing of a translated document by another translator.

2. What about your references?
Our firm co-operates with significant national and international firms active in the relevant fields of our specialization. However, due to confidentiality reasons we do not disclose the names of our customers on our website. For those interested we can describe our activities in more detail at a personal meeting.

3. What are the translation prices?
Due to the number of variables affecting any translation it is difficult to confirm concrete costs until we have viewed and properly assessed the document to be translated. Generally, thanks to the effectiveness of our work, we are able to offer attractive prices. The only extra charge would be that for speedy time limit for a given translation.

4. How do you calculate the final price?
The measuring unit for a translation is a “standard page” (abbreviated as SP). An SP is constituted by 1,800 characters. However, if the document is shorter, it is still considered as one SP. You get the final price by multiplying the unit price by a number of standard pages. No VAT is charged to the prices.

5. How long shall I wait for the translation?
We provide translations within the following time limits: standard, urgent (48 hours), express (24 hours) or immediate (accomplished on the day of receiving the order). No extra charges for speed will be applied if the volume of translation allows its completing at a rate of 10 standard pages per day.

6. How do I order the translation?
To get your translation processed as soon as possible please contact us either by e-mail or by phone. As soon as the agreement on our co-operation, on the deadline and the price is reached, the customer shall send us a copy of the document to be translated or shall deliver the original to us.

7. How do you deliver the completed translation?
Completed translations can be delivered to you either personally (within Bratislava free of charge) or by mail or per e-mail. In the case of certified translations where an original has to be attached to the translated document we can make an appointment with the client either in our premises or elsewhere.